Gary Matson

Gary has been a Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent since 2007. He is licensed locally in the state of MN and in the surrounding states of WI, MI, ND, IL and also in FL. His primary focus is that of Real Estate related Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance. In addition to insurance, Gary is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of MN and has been since 1998. Although he doesn’t sell much real estate any more, his industry knowledge and background has allowed him to create programs for E&O coverage for Real Estate Professionals, primarily Title Agents and Independent Abstractors. Gary currently insures over 250 real estate professionals.

Gary has established a strong repertoire with the Underwriters and Claim Adjusters from the insurance companies offering this type of coverage. With the volatility of this coverage, due mainly to the number of companies continually entering and exiting the marketplace, many of Gary’s insureds have found his background and industry knowledge to be a tremendous asset when considering which carrier and coverage option to place their E&O Insurance. As he works on this coverage on a daily basis, Gary is well aware of any changes that take place with the companies and understands the differences amongst the various policies to benefit his clients when these changes take place.